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Wraith (Debt Collector 10)Wraith by Susan Kaye Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a free eARC from Susan Kaye Quinn in return for an honest review.

I loved this story. I started it the moment I received it in my email, and didn’t put it down till I finished it. Granted, it is a short and quick read, but it was exciting and fun to read.

Even though this story is not about any of the characters from the first serial, it is in the same world, and even in the same city. This time the main character who goes by the debt collector name “Wraith”, is one of the upper class peple, but she her family doesn’t partake in the debt collector trade, and instead fights against it.

She is addicted to debt collecting though. She convinces herself its okay because she is taking from those who have “Stollen” years of life from other people, and gives it to the poor and needy in a mercy hit. She is addicted to both the taking of years and the mercy hits she gives afterwards.

Her character is flawed, but relatable and likable. A reader can relate to the pull of addictions, and the thrill seeking of the main characters.

The story is fun and interesting to read, and ends on a cliff hanger right after an intense action scene leaving the reader quite ready for the next installment of this serial.

I highly suggest this gritty futuristic novel that makes you think a lot as a reader, but is also a fun read.

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Francesca Huber is a college student majoring in Computer Science. She enjoys networking, programming, game development, and generally working on her computer. In her spare time she rides horses, plays viola, reads books, and writes stories. She also spent two years in Army ROTC. She grew up on a diet of science fiction, fantasy, and horse books; imagining herself in other worlds or other times. She would tell herself stories at night to go to sleep, and those stories ended up becoming the books she writes down. She is currently working on "Honored"; the sequel to her Debut novel "Dishonor". Both books are part of her science fiction series, "In Search of Honor", written in a post-apocalypse world.
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