A Skyship Adventure Awaits

Second Daughter (The Dharian Affairs #2)Second Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is another amazing example of Susan Kaye Quinn’s excellent writing. Her writing draws you in and doesn’t allow you to escape until you finish the book. The world she writes is stunning and vividly created in our imaginations with women wearing bright purple dresses and orange corsets to an air ship sailing across the sky.

This book offers lots of action, gun fights and saber duels, and political intrigue. The main character, the third daughter, is still having issues with playing politics, but she is getting better. She is a relatable character that the reader can sympathize with.

I love the doubts the character has about her own feelings, and how she has to figure out what she wants. The romance in this story is tasteful and well written. And like women in relationships, she has fears and worries about her relationship.

If you are looking for an action adventure story or a romance story, you should definitely check out this well written story by Susan Kaye Quinn.

(Also the formatting is well done and the chapter headers have really nice looking fonts.)

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Francesca Huber is a college student majoring in Computer Science. She enjoys networking, programming, game development, and generally working on her computer. In her spare time she rides horses, plays viola, reads books, and writes stories. She also spent two years in Army ROTC. She grew up on a diet of science fiction, fantasy, and horse books; imagining herself in other worlds or other times. She would tell herself stories at night to go to sleep, and those stories ended up becoming the books she writes down. She is currently working on "Honored"; the sequel to her Debut novel "Dishonor". Both books are part of her science fiction series, "In Search of Honor", written in a post-apocalypse world.
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